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Disc Repair Service

Disc Repair Service

Do you have a favorite game which unfortunately has been scratched by intensive use?
Let your disc shine for € 3.50. We polish Games, Blu-ray & CD / DVD.

1 disc € 3,50 per unit
10 discs € 3,00 per unit
20 discs € 2,50 per unit

At the bottom of this page you can make your order.
You only send the disc's to us without a box and booklet.
Its also possible to come by but only at appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you going to do with the discs

Our machine polishes a thin layer of disc, eliminating almost all scratches. So it will look as new. We can not guarantee that the CD will work again. We can only guarantee that most of all scratches are gone. Please note: Deep scratches can not be removed. Unfortunately, the top of a disc can not be polished.

How can I indicate that I want to use this service?

At the bottom of this page you can place your order. You can specify how many discs you want to polish. From 10 discs there is a discount. In "Pick up at" you will pay cash. If you do not have the opportunity to come by, then sending is also possible. For example, choose for iDEAL or PayPal, after payment you can send the discs to us.

Which discs are you polishing?

We polish all games from the Nintendo GameCube to PlayStation 4.
But also Blue-Ray, DVD & (music) CD.

How long does it take for the disc to finish?

If you come by, it is usually done while waiting.
Upon shipment, you have the discs returned within 3 days.

Who pays the shipping costs?

The return costs will be paid in advance with your order, the cost of shipping to us will be paid to you at the Post Office. A tip; send multiple discs at the same time to save shipping.
For example, with 1 disc, you pay as much shipping as 10 or 20 discs. You can just send it as a mailbox mail. Only send the disc itself without a box and booklet