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    Sega Game Gear Repair/Mod

    Sega Game Gear RepairsCost
    Replacing capacitors (image, sound, power supply)70 euros
    Replace plastic screen20 euro
    Sega Game Gear Mod199.95 euros

    The Sega Game Gear is an iconic portable game console from the 1990s. Although the device enjoyed great popularity at the time, it also suffered from some disadvantages. One of the biggest downsides was the Game Gear's screen.

    A common problem with the Sega Game Gear is that the capacitors fail over time. This can lead to image and sound problems and problems with the power supply.Don't worry, we can repair this professionally for you in most cases. With us you have come to the right place to get your beloved Sega Game Gear back in top condition.

    To solve these problems, we offer replacement of the capacitors for both the image (mainboard) and the sound (soundboard) and power board. For only €40 we replace the capacitors for the image, and for €30 we replace the capacitors for the sound and the power supply (power board).

    In general, repairing your Sega Game Gear takes 1 to 2 weeks, depending on traffic and having the relevant parts in stock. After a successful repair, we guarantee that youcan play games as usual on your old and trusted Sega Game Gear! If repair is no longer possible for whatever reason, we are forced to charge 25 euros in material and research costs.

    Upgrade to CleanScreen

    Fortunately, there is now another solution to these problems: CleanScreen. With CleanScreen you give your Sega Game Gear a modern upgrade and enjoy an improved gaming experience.

    CleanScreen offers several advantages over the original screen. Firstly, CleanScreen provides a clearer and sharper image, with better contrast. This means that your games now really come to life on the screen of your Game Gear, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite games.

    What also makes CleanScreen unique is its energy efficiency. Unlike the original screen, CleanScreen consumes much less power, significantly extending the battery life of your Game Gear. This allows you to play undisturbed for longer without having to constantly purchase new batteries.

    Choose CleanScreen and give your Sega Game Gear the upgrade it deserves. This upgrade costs €199.95 and includes replacing all capacitors for image, sound and power supply.

    This mod is completely made to order. So take into account a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks.

    Click here to go directly to the 'Sega Game Gear Mod Service' page to place your order.

    Bring Sega Game Gear by:

    Would you like to have your Game Gear professionally repaired or upgraded by us? Then bring your console to our store in Groningen. Click here for our opening hours and address!

    Send Sega Game Gear:

    If you are unable to visit our store in Groningen, it is also possible to send your Game Gear to us.

    Pack your console well and securely. Also send a note with your address details, telephone number and e-mail address plus a clear description of the problem/defect. If you have worked on your console yourself, you must also report this.

    As soon as the repair is complete, you will receive an email with a payment request.

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